Curly Burly Milling

Curly Burly Milling provides custom sawmilling by turning your logs lumber that is fit for fine woodwork and carpentry, such as cabinets, flooring or construction.  Turn that standing or felled tree into lumber fit for your dream project.

Have a project in mind?  Want to ask a question or talk through the details?  Let's talk!


Portable Saw Mill

My place or yours!  My Wood-Mizer™ LT50 is towable, so I can come to you and cut a log up to 20 feet long and 3 feet in diameter.  (But I have ways of handling larger projects!)

I can cut 2x4s and 2x6s cheaper and better grade than the lumber yards and home improvement stores can offer.


Nothing Too Big

I have ways of handling any tree or log you have in mind.  My stationary WM1000 mill in Cottage Grove, Oregon can cut a log up to 23' long and 66" wide.

WM1000 Mill

Have questions?  Contact me at the info below or visit the FAQ page.